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Ivan Balabanov

Soaring above the pack – Ivan Balabanov is a two-time World Champion, fourteen-time national competition winner, dog trainer extraordinaire, respected teacher, and top breeder in the USA of Belgian Malinois. His sophistication and precision in all his work with dogs, from breeding, to training for various disciplines – competition, service and guide dogs, police dogs, personal protection dogs, pet dogs of all breeds – and training dog owners worldwide, knows no equal.

Ivan Balabanov and his Belgian Malinois J'Ice Ot Vitosha. FMBB Qualification Trial. Dec 5, 2020. Springfield, TN. Soaring over the ground in perfect sync heeling.Brian Aghajani Photography.

Ivan has spent years of extensive research, hands-on application, and real-life proofing to develop his revolutionary dog training system while helping dog owners from all walks of life across the globe. He has now gathered all this knowledge, experience, and extraordinary talents in one place for the benefit of dog enthusiasts such as you.

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March 10, 2022
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Some of you will love what I am about to tell you. Others will hate it. Being popular is easy, you just have to tell people what they want to hear. Hop on social media and use certain key phrases, hit “like” or “heart” on as many posts as possible, […]

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