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Doc Ot Vitosha (aka Cody)

Belgian Malinois | Sire

Date of Birth

July 14, 1997

Registration #

AKC DN 69719006


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About Doc Ot Vitosha (aka Cody)

Doc Ot Vitosha AWMA 2003 IPO 3 National Champion! He is a brother of Django. Doc is son of Bomber Ot Vitosha, who was the very first Mondio Ring dog in USA. His Grandmother is Nakita Des Deux Pottois aka Lia who is Ot Vitosha foundation female, and Doc’s Grandfather is Igor von Löwenfels who was DHV (German All Breed Championship Champion 1990). On the mother side are also very famous dogs including the legend G’Bibber. Doc is very powerful, strong dog, that everyone who saw him wanted to buy… I have better pictures and videos but they are on VHS old video tapes. One day I will be uploading them. For now we only use his frozen semen for our own selected breedings, therefore, there is no rush to digitalize and upload them.


IPO3 Champion 2003
IPO 3 fin. USA-M 03'5.
IPO 3 fin.
Sociability Level

Not Applicable

Prey Drive

Not Applicable

Food Drive

Not Applicable

Play Drive

Not Applicable

Energy Level

Not Applicable


Sire: Brawny Bomber ot Vitosha (DL53802808)

Breed: Belgian Malinois

DOB: June 15, 1994

Working Title: HD-A1

Dam: Eureja du Rez-la-Ville (17430/2494)

Breed: Belgian Malinois

DOB: May 23, 1989

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