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Odin Ot Vitosha a Belgian Malinois standing in a mountainous landscape

Odin Ot Vitosha

Belgian Malinois | Non-Owned Sire

Date of Birth

December 3, 2011

Registration #

AKC DN32665406


Protection Dog

Working Titles

Ring, Premier Protection Dog

About Odin Ot Vitosha

Odin Ot Vitosha is that dog that other trainers and protection companies do not believe exists, this is how unique he is! With perfect physique, extreme power, speed and agility and the highest possible level of training, combined with loyalty and absolutely stunning looks make Odin the most special dog I have trained. Even in the most unusual and surprising situation. Odin Ot Vitosha is a Belgian Malinois who was trained as a Premier Personal Protection dog, competed in Ring Sport and is the sire of Ot Vitosha Litter in 2021.


Premier Protection Dog
French Ring I
Sociability Level

Very High

Prey Drive

Very High

Food Drive

Very High

Play Drive

Very High

Energy Level

Very High

Health Tests

Health Test Results


Embark Test Results




Odin Ot Vitosha Overview

Odin Ot Vitosha playing with leg bites

Odin Ot Vitosha French Ring 1

Odin Ot Vitosha Face Attacks


OT Vitosha Malinois Logo

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