Litter B Ot Vitosha Malinois & Ivan Balabanov
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Litter B

J'Ice Ot Vitosha x Chara Ot Vitosha

Date of Birth

February 12, 2021


Sold Out


Ice Ot Vitosha, a Belgian Malinois standing by a lake with fog rising and the mountains in the distance


J’Ice Ot Vitosha Current Status: Active Breeder


Chara Ot Vitosha Current Status: Hall of Fame

Litter Details

Chara Ot Vitosha was bred to J'Ice Ot Vitosha and she gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies!

Chara is a littermate to Cocaine Ot Vitosha, who we also use in our program. This breeding combines some great Malinois lines and I am eager to see what this combination produces.


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