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The Belgian Malinois – Need to Know

No, I am not a German shepherd.

If you have an Ot Vitosha puppy, then I strongly recommend you to explore my training videos at Training Without Conflict. In the puppy development section, you will find exactly what I do and how I start training my own puppies! You will learn to play different games with your new friend that will build confidence, and take your relationship to a different level. It doesn’t matter if you are going for top competition training or just want to learn how to properly interact, these videos are a must-watch!

In addition to the collection of puppy videos, be sure to check out our Blog, Inside Ivan’s World for the most recent information about training your Ot Vitosha puppy!  There will also be bi-monthly articles on nutrition, health, vaccinations, and many other important and interesting topics.

Malinois puppy training video lessons

Training Your New Puppy

Congratulations!!! You’ve got yourself a puppy and wonder, where to begin, who to listen to, what videos to follow on YouTube and which groups to join on FaceBook. Be aware – Raising a puppy (successfully) with the “support” of social media is not in your best interest. For the inexperienced trainer there may be some amazing puppy videos or instructions for puppy training waiting on the internet … the problem is that these puppies never grow up to be the top dogs they were being prepared to be. Why? Because the people who make such videos have never been top trainers themselves, they have no idea what is important and helpful vs damaging later on. It is the new phenomenon – someone without any knowledge or accomplishments can convince others with YouTube videos and blogs how to ruin a puppy. Here, I offer you something very different. In these Malinois training videos, I share with you the way I train my own puppies, but why would you listen and follow my guidance? Here is why: Unparalleled accomplishments  – 15 National Champion titles, 2 World Champion titles, and amazing relationship with my dogs. You will not learn this in any other videos, because what I am teaching you is how I become a World Champion, enjoy! Check out the Dog Training Video Vault.

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