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Founded in 1989, Ot Vitosha Kennel breeds Belgian Malinois puppies that are in high demand worldwide due to their ability to excel in any type of work. Ot Vitosha Malinois puppies for sale are sought after by all levels of dog enthusiasts so the only way to guarantee to get on the waiting list is to complete the Puppy Reservation Form and send the appropriate Non-Refundable deposit. It is often the case that once the puppies are born they are already sold.

After over 30 years of diligently researching and studying genetics, raising many generations of litters of Belgian Malinois puppies, Ivan has developed an uncanny way of knowing which puppy is the exact perfect puppy for potential puppy owners based on the description they sent on the Puppy Reservation Form of their dream dog. He has his own unique and proven method of choosing and testing the puppies. Thanks to Ivan’s in depth knowledge of the breed and his dogs, you can see through the many posts from the Ot Vitosha family on the Facebook page alone that puppy owners worldwide have been matched with their dream puppy.

Upcoming Ot Vitosha Belgian Malinois Litters

Little girl wearing pink cap with an Ot Vitosha Malinois puppy wearing a pink collarAs soon as it is certain that a breeding has been successful it will be listed here on this page. If you are serious about getting an Ot Vitosha puppy, you will have to make a reservation in advance! Be sure to reserve your puppy now so you can be added to the waiting list.

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OT Vitosha Puppy Litters - Past and Present

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