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Episode #7

February 7, 2022

3 Hours, 22 Minutes


Michael Ellis

In this episode of the Training Without Conflict® Podcast, Ivan Balabanov interviews long-time friend and colleague Michael Ellis.

Michael Ellis is an internationally known and respected dog trainer with over 30 years of experience in competitive dog sports.

Michael has instructed countless seminars all around the country and the world.

He is also a renowned teacher at the globally recognized, Michael Ellis School for dog trainers.

Michael was also one of the pioneers of popularizing Mondioring in the United States.  He was one of the first Americans that were certified Mondioring decoys, and he has done decoy and helper work across several dog sports at the National Championship level.

In this episode, Ivan and Michael catch up on some memories they shared in the early 90s training alongside each other in Northern California and then dive deep into some of the biggest issues facing present day dog training.

They discuss the recent attempts of the force free camp to push their “positive only” propaganda and dive deep into why their claims are false and unfounded.

The attack on dog training aversive tools in Europe is also a very hot topic.

Ivan and Michael also share some knowledge about the history of dog sports and their opinions about Schutzhund (IPO/IGP), French Ring, Belgian Ring, Mondioring, and PSA in the present day.

Along with all this, Michael is also the breeder of the storied Loups Du Soleil Malinois kennel, which brings up a great discussion about breeding, genetics, puppy selection, and puppy raising.

This discussion is truly a masterclass of knowledge that all dog owners, pet trainers, dog sport competitors, and working dog handlers will enjoy over and over.  One listen will not be enough to soak in the incredible dog training knowledge contained in this podcast.

For more information about Michael Ellis, check out https://michaelellisschool.com

Ivan Balabanov is a 2-time World Champion dog trainer, Ot Vitosha Malinois breeder, trainer of Premier Protection Dogs and founder of the revolutionary Training Without Conflict® dog training system.

For more information about Ivan Balabanov and information on how to train your dog using the Training Without Conflict® system, check out:

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