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Episode #9

April 8, 2022

2 Hours, 6 Minutes


The Disadvantages of Low Level E-Collar Conditioning

In this episode of the Training Without Conflict® Podcast, Ivan Balabanov goes solo sharing his concerns on the concept of low level stimulus electric collar conditioning in dog training.

Throughout the episode, Ivan shares many downfalls of this type of training, and dissects the narrative being pushed by trainers that utilize this training method.

This information is beneficial to anyone that is a dog trainer, dog owner, or just a dog training enthusiast.  This episode is a "must-listen" for anyone looking to utilize the electric shock collar in their training.

If you have ever questioned how to use the e-collar, how to teach the e-collar, or how top trainers approach the use of electric collars, this episode will be highly beneficial to your education.

Ivan Balabanov is a 2-time World Champion dog trainer, Ot Vitosha Malinois breeder, trainer of Premier Protection Dogs, and founder of the revolutionary Training Without Conflict® dog training system.

For more information about Ivan Balabanov and information on how to train your dog using the Training Without Conflict® system, check out:

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