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Our Premier Protection Dog Puppy Program

The Premier Protection Dog Puppy Program is probably the most exciting of all the services I have to offer! Why is it so popular? Since Ot Vitosha Malinois breeding program produces some of the finest Malinois the world has to offer, I always hand-pick and raise a select few puppies each year with only one objective in mind – Premier Protection Dog. Unless you do not have time for a puppy, the perfect scenario is to have your Premier Protection Dog grow up in your family and be a part of your life from Day One! The whole idea began when one of my clients suggested this as an option for them. This worked out so well that I developed and started to offer the Premier Protection Dog Puppy Program – the only program of its kind in the world of protection dogs.

An important reason for looking into the puppy program is that your lifestyle can often somewhat unique from the usual, making it take longer to find a dog that will fit right in without any complications. Great examples for when the Premier Protection Dog Puppy Program would work for you is if

  • you already own dogs, and/or
  • you have cats or other animals
  • you have a big family with “a lot of action”
  • children of different ages live in the house
  • you regularly travel on a private plane, boat, etc.

How the program works in a nutshell

I will personally select an Ot Vitosha puppy that will surpass all your expectations.

Just like with the older dogs, you still have to decide if you would rather have a male or a female, bigger, smaller, more or less active type of dog, etc. Of course, I personally will be helping you in making a sound decision if needed.

The puppy will then be shipped as usual at around 8 weeks of age, or you may choose to pick up the puppy at my facilities yourself.

You will then have individual help with raising the puppy properly through consultations and video lessons as needed.

Specialized training will be done in several stages, so your puppy will come to me for training a few times before it becomes a Premier Protection Dog.

As your puppy grows, the time will come when you will need to send it for its first round of training. There is no specific age for getting started, but usually, around 6 – 7 months old is when our clients begin to need the puppy to listen and have some house manners, etc. We use this time to complete the basic obedience, as well as, to begin the foundation protection training. The initial basic obedience training, together with the Protection Training Foundation, usually takes about a month of training.

This is a video is a demonstration of the first phase of training: Dog Obedience Training

Your puppy will return home and return for formal advanced obedience and Premier Protection Dog course at around 13 – 14 months of age. At this time it may stay anywhere between 1 to 3 months, after which time your dog will return home once again.

In some cases your dog may not need to come a 3rd time. In fact, most of our clients are quite happy with the level of training at this point, but generally speaking, I would like to have it come back one more time for a short time as it reaches maturity close to 24 months of age.

As with all of our programs you will have lifetime support and training if it is required. I have been successful using this program with clients who are located anywhere in the world. The training facility is located between two major airports: Tampa International (TPA) and Orlando International (MCO) which makes travel arrangements quite simple.

Whenever possible, it is preferred that you come for a few days at the training location to complete the tactical and hands-on portion of the program. Whenever this is not possible, you can receive your education by working with me through Skype and other such online programs. Of course, I can also travel to you and work with you at your location with additional fees as well. Periodically from there on we can schedule some “refreshers” for your dog. Most people do this whenever they have a vacation and cannot take the dog with them, or simply feel it has been a while since the dog had some fun working and send them to me.

Tell me about your Dream Dog

Price and Payments for Puppies

As far as price and payments, the total price ranges between $45,000 and $65,000. It can be paid in full or in 3 payments as follows:

  • first $10,000 as we sign the contract and ship the puppy, then
  • the next payment in about 5-6 months, and
  • the final on pick up after you are happy with everything.

Please note: There have been times in the past when clients were very happy with their dog and training after the second training period and decided to cancel the final stage so as not to pay the final $10,000. This is no longer an option. If you are happy with your dog at an earlier than predicted time, and don’t need the final training, the total price will still need to be paid in full at that time.

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