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B’Enox Ot Vitosha

Belgian Malinois | Sire

Date of Birth

March 17, 2014


Protection Dog

Working Titles

Premier Personal Protection Dog



Payment Options

All, including cryptocurrency

About B’Enox Ot Vitosha

B’Enox Ot Vitosha aka Enox has  graduated the Premier Protection Dog program. Bellow you will find few more videos from his training as he was growing up. He is a son of the famous Django Ot Vitosha , it was a combination we specially planned using Django’s frozen semen to breed to our all time best female – Zh’Aksu aka Ava This breeding was strictly for working qualities – intelligence, trainability, sound temperament, health,  On & Off switch ( not bouncing off the walls 24/7) and this what Enox is all about! He is absolutely amazing house dog,  super easy to live with, great with kids and other dogs ( including small breeds), loves to play any game you pick. …. but all this shouldn’t fool you, Enox is a fully trained premier protection dog, and believe me, he will take care of business if the moment calls for it! Enox is trained in Dutch, but we can switch the commands in different language if needed.


Premier Persomal Protection Dog
Sociability Level

Not Applicable

Prey Drive

Not Applicable

Food Drive

Not Applicable

Play Drive

Not Applicable

Energy Level

Not Applicable

Health Tests

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Enox Ot Vitosha starting Protection

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