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Etan Ot Vitosha

Belgian Malinois | Sire

Date of Birth

October 11, 2014


Protection Dog

Working Titles

Premier Personal Protection Dog, IPO 1



Payment Options

All, including cryptocurrency

About Etan Ot Vitosha

If you are lucky a dog will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything – meet Etan Ot Vitosha! First let me tell you about his pedigree and how I selected him to become a Premier Protection Dog. His sire Ebor Ot Vitosha is 5 x National Champion, His grand sire Qenny ot Vitosha 2 x World Champion, there are some amazing dogs in his pedigree with solid temperament and no genetic health problems! Etan was awesome puppy, I have many videos of him some training some just funny, from the very beginning to present. Etan grew up in the perfect loving environment, overall he is a very affectionate boy, awesome with kids, a female Malinois and a male toy Puddle were his best buddies since a puppy. Great house manners, great in public, streets, restaurants etc.  He is very smart, learned anything I taught him in few sessions, and can just look at me and ask “what’s next?” Just because it’s easy for him, Etan got an IPO title, too. IPO is a dog sport that includes Tracking, Obedience and Protection. The activities Etan loves – play ball, play frisbee, hangout by the computer desk, car rides, coffee shops and restaurants, pet tricks, water and pretty much anything you like doing he would gladly join. His protection skills are second to none! It was quite difficult for my helpers to give him bites, he is a big boy and weighs around 80 lb, but it is the jaw pressure that is out of this world, typically for protection we typically use a heavy bite suit with several layers of extra protection under, in an attempt to minimize the pressure of his powerful jaws! He has a very serious bark and with his size and looks this is where confrontation most likely will end, but Etan will gladly follow through and defend his family. He is fully registered with American Kennel Club, he has hips and elbows OFA certified and free of dysplasia.

A message from Etan's family

... Was a real life situation no Bull Shit!
Got weird quick!!!
Just when I was not thinking about a threat it just happened! I was with all 3 children in an empty parking lot going to a Wrestling practice. A big homeless guy locked eyes with me. I told him to keep going I don't have any money. He kept his eye lock and did not stop. Etan was in the truck 5 feet away from us.

My first thought "am I going to have to fight this guy ?" Then your training kicked in and ET got out of the truck and did his thing.

Etan worked with me the absolute best I could ask!

Things worked out like Etan and I were trained! Just like Ranger training.

Once again IVAN thanks❤️👊!

Wish you could hear the kids' version!! 💪

In hindsight, I was so much more nervous in training than the application of training #KEEPREAL


Premier Personal Protection Dog
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Not Applicable

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Not Applicable

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Not Applicable

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Not Applicable

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Not Applicable

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Etan Ot Vitosha

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