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Uta Ot Vitosha

Belgian Malinois | Sire

Date of Birth

April 25, 2017


Protection Dog

Working Titles

Premier Personal Protection Dog



Payment Options

All, including cryptocurrency

About Uta Ot Vitosha

Uta is going to steal your heart! In 2017 at Ot Vitosha Malinois we had 8 litters of puppies. I’m very proud and excited to present Uta Ot Vitosha as one of the only two puppies selected for my Premiere Protection Dogs puppy program and the other is no one else but his Brother Ulrich Ot Vitosha. Uta has the genetics and the character that I look for when taking a puppy for this program. He was trained through my Puppy Program. It is the best way possible, to own the finest protection dog that will grow up with you and your family as he learns the most advanced protection skills thought anywhere in the world!  Uta was trained personally by the two time World Champion – Ivan Balabanov as  Premier Personal Protection Dog.

Uta and Ulrich were pretty much inseparable and definitely is a team no one will ever dare to mess with!


Premier Personal Protection Dog
Sociability Level

Very High

Prey Drive

Very High

Food Drive

Very High

Play Drive

Very High

Energy Level

Very High

Health Tests

Health Test Results


Embark Test Results




Uta Ot Vitosha Protection

Uta Ot Vitosha Puppy

Uta and Ulrich Ot Vitosha having fun

Uta Ot Vitosha Protection Overview

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