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Xander Ot Vitosha a Belgian Malinois Premier Protection Dog standing

Xander Ot Vitosha

Belgian Malinois | Sire

Date of Birth

June 17, 2013


Protection Dog

Working Titles

Premier Protection Dog



Payment Options

All, including cryptocurrency

About Xander Ot Vitosha

Even if you do not have much experience, after watching Xander’s videos you must have realized that Xander Ot Vitosha is a special dog! There are many dogs for sale right now on different protection sites, with some “interesting” descriptions but none come close to what Xander is. Let me begin by mentioning that in his pedigree there not one but two of the most famous World Champion dogs – Qenny Ot Vitosha and Mecberger Chortoryiski. Xander is a large 80 lb (36kg) very handsome and powerful male. He completed the Premier Protection Dog program. He was raised and lived with and around children, as a house dog. Xander loves being around them playing and hanging out, swimming in the pool is another of his favorite activities. He is easy to handle and to live with, excellent in the house and car. From a puppy he was selected and trained strictly to become a Premier Protection Dog. His training was done by two time world champion Ivan Balabanov. Xander was sold to his new owners.


Premier Personal Protection Dog
Sociability Level

Not Applicable

Prey Drive

Not Applicable

Food Drive

Not Applicable

Play Drive

Not Applicable

Energy Level

Not Applicable

Health Tests

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Xander Ot Vitosha Premier Protection Dog

Xander Ot Vitosha

Xander Ot Vitosha puppy bitework

Xander Ot Vitosha growing up

Xander Ot Vitosha more puppy bitework

Xander Ot Vitosha bitework as puppy

Xander Ot Vitosha Malinois puppy bitework

Xander Ot Vitosha puppy bitework training

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